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Responsive Design with Bootstrap by Neel Mehta

More people now visit the internet from mobile devices than desktops, but too many websites are built only with desktops in mind and look awful on mobile.

Sleek Android Design, by Jordan Jozwiak

Learn about Android design patterns and how to deal with so many different device versions, sizes, and pixel densities. We will talk about fundamental mobile ...

Section 10

Privacy, Security, Society - Computer Science for Business Leaders 2016

Apple versus FBI; encryption; Dropbox.

Week 7, continued

David demonstrates how simple it can be to build an HTML website and shows us what CSS can do.

How to Build Innovative Technologies by Abby Fichtner

Ever wonder how startups are able to create innovative, disruptive technologies that are successful in the market? In this seminar, you'll learn lean startup and ...

Week 10, continued

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